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5 new rules for solid credit scores - 1 - debt strategies - MSN Money
Jul 6, 2011 . MSN Money credit-rating tips and articles. . Now some of the rules for consumers striving to maintain good credit are changing, too. For the .

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New Vantage credit score available online (Page 1 of 2)
A new credit scoring system, rivaling the traditional FICO score, is now available to consumers online for $5.95. . "It's good to have credit, but not too much. . Under VantageScore, credit scores range from a low of 501 to a high of 990.

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What's a Good Credit Score
Mar 8, 2010 . How do I convert a Vantage score to a FICO score? . The good news is that with a credit score in that range, you can probably take action to .

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VantageScore® - Consistency in Credit Scoring | TransUnion
VantageScore is a credit score that was developed by the three major credit reporting . Your VantageScore is a three-digit number ranging from 501-990. . This means that a consumer with a good score would be more likely to pay a lower .

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The Vantage Credit Score Explained | Sound Money Matters
Apr 21, 2012 . If you've bought a credit score with your credit report, you might have . FICO scores range from 300 to 850, while VantageScores range from 510 to 990. . That does make me wonder how good the scores really are if the .

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What is the VantageScore Credit Score Range
Answer: The VantageScore ranges from 501 to 990. Higher credit scores are better. A letter grade is assigned to your VantageScore depending on where it falls .

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VantageScore credit score ranges at
Maintain a good financial history and make informed credit decisions. By using your VantageScore, you will get a more consistent, predictive and accurate score.

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What is a Good Credit Score?
Dec 5, 2011 . Here, we shall try to shed some light on what is a good credit score, and why is it . the first credit scoring system, (range 300 - 800), using certain standard scales . So in Vantage scoring system, credit scoring grade of 'C' is .

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What is a Good Credit Score Range?
Oct 5, 2011 . I know a little bit about credit scores and can usually give someone a good . one for each of the credit bureaus, the VantageScore, but ultimately the one . The best way to determine whether your score range is good will .

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FICO Score vs Vantage Score: Who Will Win in the End?
Aug 24, 2012 . The FICO score ranges from 300 to 850, with the highest score being the best. All three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax and .

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VantageScore - Credit Scoring Model Used by Credit Bureaus
Apr 12, 2012 . Under the FICO scoring system, scores range from 300 to 850, with the higher numbers indicative of a better credit risk. The VantageScore .

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What Does My Credit Score Mean
What Does My Credit Score Mean? Your credit score . What's a good credit score? . The VantageScore range is 501–990, along with an assigned letter grade.

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What is the VantageScore? - Credit Karma
Aug 10, 2010 . Score range is from 501 to 990; VantageScore uses letter grades to . My VantageScore score is C "good" and Credit Karma gives 628 "poor.

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Vantage Score vs FICO Credit Score - Differences
Mar 7, 2011 . Learn more about VantageScore, a new credit scoring system that changes the way your credit . can look at their rating and know if they're in the subprime or prime range. It's easy to understand what's a good credit score.

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Overview of the Vantage Score Credit Score
A VantageScore ranges from 501 to 990 with higher scores being better. VantageScore assigns a letter grade to each consumer's credit score. The letter grade .

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VantageScore Credit Scores
Impact on Consumer VantageScore Credit Scores . multiple programs aimed at helping homeowners better manage their mortgage debt . to determine the range of score changes based on the financial magnitude of the restructured events.

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Understanding the difference between FICO, VantageScore ...
Apr 22, 2011 . The most popular, the FICO score, has a range of 300 to 850. The VantageScore — a newer rating created by the three credit bureaus that . and a FICO score of 722 is very good, too, but you generally need a FICO score of .

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How to Convert a Vantage Score to a FICO Range |
The Vantage Score was created by the three major credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion and . The example Vantage Score of 815 falls in the good range. 3 .


What You Should Know about the Credit Score Scale?
Apr 27, 2012 . The credit score scale for the vantage score method will start at 501 . The best credit rating which is known as the A rating will be allotted to the .

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Vantage Score: A unified scoring model
Jun 21, 2006 . My vantage scores range about 595. If a lender used my vantage score i would be an "f" If lenders used my Fico I am considered good credit.

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FICO and VantageScore - Fair Isaac vs ... - Credit Info Center
Feb 23, 2012 . Fair Isaac * FICO Score * VantageScore * Credit Score * Credit Scoring . FICO vs VantageScore - Which One is Better? . Having said that, here are the most obvious differences between the two - score range and what goes .


The Scoring Game: FICO and Vantage Credit Scores explained
This article discusses what your a credit score is and how the number is . with these pools containing a range of credit risks -- all pretty good, but some better .

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Vantage Score Vs FICO - What Is A Good Credit Score Range?
Sep 4, 2012 . What do you need to know about the Vantage score vs FICO? While you may be more familiar with FICO, the Vantage score is newer to some .

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FICO to Vantage Score Ranges Comparison - myFICO® Forums
I was surprised to see my current Vantage and FICO scores fit this model. . my Vantage score was in the D range and my TU FICO was in the "Very Good" range . . VS scores on available credit in relation to the CL. In FICO .

VantageScore grade of “B” is very good
Feb 4, 2009 . The VantageScore numbers and grades the ranges compare to are: . The key to having good credit scores, no matter what score is used, is to .